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I'm usually more annoyed by all the things people can do in books that are just not possible and/or don't happen irl.

You can NOT see a flash of *insert whatever kind of emotion here* in someone's eyes in a millisecond.
True. Not in the actual eye balls, but you can see flashes of emotion on people's faces in seconds. Humans are hardwired to read and interpret body language without even thinking about it.

I think what is more inaccurate and impossible are eyes that can change colors with emotions or eyes that can change colors just because. Unless they are a supernatural, that's not possible. People don't go from brown to black eyes because they are angry. Though some lighting can make some eye colors appear different (mostly with hazel eyes, which can look more brown or more green depending on lighting). But "eyes flashed a dark blue in anger" in someone with grey eyes...eh, not possible.

You can not raise one eyebrow only. I tried, they go up both everytime.
Many people can. It's not impossible.
I can roll my tongue, but many people I know can't. Same thing with eyebrows. I can't do it, but my sister can.

And nobody ever really drops his or her jaw in surprise.
I have. LOL. Though mostly when I want to emphasis things. As in, I choose to do it. Either to make a point or be silly.
But yes, people do do this.

I didn't meant to nitpick things. Just point out that people can and do these things. They might not be common or what you are used to, but they occur.

I find this annoying:

Screaming or roaring his/her release, always seemed cringey to me. especially, if they roar it so loud (usually with say shifters) that walls or glass rattle. Like WTH?

I hate hate hate overuse of endearments. The ones that drop a sweetheart or baby every 5 seconds. I've DNF books over this because it was so overdone and distracting!