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    Default Good Housekeeping - Brownies! | 2010 | epub| [multi]

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    Brownies, blondies, bars, squares, shortbread, triangles, hermits, and fingers: whatever the name or shape, they are delicious, easy to make, and always popular. In this irresistible cookbook, Good Housekeeping provides a delectable selection of nearly 100 brownie varieties. There’s a treat for every taste—with nuts or without, and in rich chocolate, zingy lemon, cherry-cheesecake, and dozens of other flavors. Make them from scratch or choose the ones that start with a mix and then embellish them. You can also select no-bake and low-fat versions. Each recipe includes a headnote with useful information and complete nutritional breakdowns. Hints and tips, supplemented with scrumptious-looking how-to photos, are sprinkled throughout. And, as always, the recipes have been triple-tested by Good Housekeeping for reliability and taste.

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    **Hidden Content: Click THANKS Button and Refresh The Page to view the link ** If you are new user, Please Register and Introduce Here..

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