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    Default Jacob Wilson–The Ketogenic Bible| 2017 | epub| [multi]

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    The ketogenic diet is emerging as one of the most popular diets for health and weight loss, and for good reason. No other diet has the same benefits for health concerns ranging from obesity and type 2 diabetes to Alzheimer's disease to cancer—not to mention its positive effects on athletic performance.

    In The Ketogenic Bible, Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery offer a comprehensive look at the ketogenic diet and the fat-burning state it induces, ketosis. It's the most complete source for information on keto—not only how to follow a ketogenic diet but also how it affects the bodily systems and processes that are at the core of how we feel and function every day. Their approach is based on the wide range of scientific research that’s been conducted on ketosis, including the research they're doing at their own Applied Science and Performance Institute. Through their work with people who are switching to a ketogenic diet, they also know the most common concerns and questions, so they've included practical tips and advice for following keto, along with more than 75 easy and delicious recipes.

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